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Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] Swag for SCALE 10X
On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 5:36 PM, Bryen M Yunashko <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 15:53 -0800, Drew Adams wrote:
Hey Andres,

We chatted a bit on IM a few days ago about getting some swag for
SCALE. You said you would find out a little more info as to what the
quantity was from last year's event. I just want to follow up with you
and see where we are on that... Also, I have CC'd this message to the
openSUSE-Ambassadors mailing list so we can keep this process a little
more open. If you could also CC your response here, that would be a
great help.


Drew Adams
Ambassador, openSUSE

As I was the one who arranged for all the supplies for the booth last
year, including swag, I can give some insight here.

First of all, it should be realized that what we spent on last year was
pretty much a one-time thing specifically meant to heighten visibility
and bring in new community locally.  That you're stepping up to do this
is proof the investment worked.

In addition to the investment made, there are also budget cuts over the
past year since that time, which affects our ability to ship the full
gamut of booth gear we had in the past:

SUSE Studio Kiosk - This was exorbitantly expensive but well budgeted
last year by the Events Coordination group at Novell.  That's no longer
42" Plasma TV - Also not feasible this year
Backdrop - This needs to be requested early in advance so the Events
Coordination can be sure it is not used by some other event.  I believe
Alan was scrambling yesterday to find out if it can be shipped since
apparently no one was inquired about getting the backdrop.

T-Shirts - Inspired by our actions at FOSDEM, we mirrored the same at
several events since then including SCaLE where we sold the t-shirts and
donated the funds to event (in this case SCaLE.)  We had about 120
shirts and raised somewhere around $500 iirc.  Keep in mind we "lose"
money doing this but we gained in good relations with the event.

Because we gave such support to SCaLE, SCaLE later promoted openSUSE
during its roadtrips around Southern California.

Jos will have to fill us in on whether we can continue doing that, but
as it was quite a financial outlay for us including shipping, I'm
doubtful we can do it in the same quantity as the past.  More than
likely you might get fewer shirts which can be given out rather

Penguins:  We gave out LOTS.  We gave out the larger-sized Penguins that
we normally don't give out.  We were in fact depleting the stock that
Novell had for these large penguins.   I have no idea whether Provo has
restocked on any of the plushies since then.  Obviously people want
plushies and many were stopping by just to get a plushie and run.

It got to the point where I would playfully bribe them by telling them
they can get a free Penguin if they donate $5 for tshirt to SCaLE or
another line I tried was You can have a penguin if you promise to also
take a DVD home and install openSUSE.   :-)   It did work as people
appreciated the humor in it and they willingly then took me up on those
offers and we were able to deplete our supply much faster.

Travel Electrical Outlets:   I believe we had about 200 of these.
Though I believe this was also end-of-stock in Provo.  People liked them
and asked for them and we thought we ran out of them quickly but then
someone discovered an extra box at the end of the show.   Ay yi yi.  :-)

The Weird Walkman Wrap:  This is something we seemingly can't get rid of
for years now.  No one wants them.  I only used them as cake decorations
on launch party cake.  That's about it.  :-)

Print Materials:  Everything we printed was generally adhoc created that
week during the hackfest.  We didn't have formal brochures or anything
and as far as I know, we don't have anything printed in the stockroom
these days.

DVDs:  Most important  :-)   As this was just before 11.4 was launched,
we had the remaining stock (1,000+ iirc) shipped to L.A.  I believe we
gave out about 500 and we also gave about 2-3 boxes to LUG groups that
requested them so they could give out to their next meetings.   In
addition, we printed up labels to put on the DVDs about where to upgrade
to 11.4 upon release date.   As the formula generally goes, you want to
figure about 1/3 of expected attendance at an event for supplies.  So
SCaLE was about 1500 attendees, and 500 handouts was about right.  But
if you anticipate more events in the year, order a bit more so you can
have a leftover supply to use elsewhere.

That's the best I can remember off the top of my head.  I'm wishing
everyone who is going to SCaLE the best of success and look forward to
hearing more about it afterward.    In fact, I would encourage, once you
have all your details nailed, that you submit an article to news.o.o so
we can advertise and get more people to visit SCaLE and openSUSE booth.
Someone on the marketing team can help with writing that if you don't
feel up to it, but just be sure to include bullet points of your plans
for the weekend.

Thanks for your hard work!
Bryen M Yunashko

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Thanks you so much for that very detailed and clear reply. So,
according to Andi, it looks like we wont have any shirts for SCALE
this year. I spoke with Stephen Shaw yesterday and he said he will
talk to someone at SUSE for me and see what they can get together in
the way of swag. I have not spoken with him yet this morning but I am
sure he and I will talk later and I will update on the mailing list.

As far as the backdrop goes... I didn't even think about that! I will
try to find out more about the status on that from Alan. I guess if we
have to do without it it's not really much of an issue, however I do
think it would be a nice touch to have it.

It's funny how you mentioned the "Travel Electrical Outlets" and how
there was a bunch left over after the event last year. I took most of
those home with me and I have given quite a few out at school and
other Linux or tech events I have gone to (mostly LUG's and such). I
still have some I could bring with me back to SCALE this year,
however, they say Novell on them... that might confuse some people but
I am more than willing to bring them. What do you think?

Above ALL, I want to make sure we can get plenty of promo DVD's to
give out. I am VERY proud of 12.1 and am looking forward to sharing it
with interested people at the event. I know I am not the only one who
feels that way and, it seems like we are going to have a great group
of people at SCALE this year... I have a feeling that last years
investment into SCALE will continue to pay off.

Thanks again for the info about the swag from last year.

Drew Adams
Ambassador, openSUSE

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