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Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] Welcome our first ambassador from Nigeria
On 2011-07-12 Kostas wrote:
Hi ambassadors
Please all give a warm welcome to Oni Oladotun Daniel our new

Welcome! Oni Oladotun Daniel, what do people commonly use as your first
name if I can ask?

Mine is Jos, btw ;-)


ambassador from Nigeria who is the first openSUSE ambassador in his
country. Below you can learn more about him and his relationship
with openSUSE as he told us in his own words.

* What have you done already for openSUSE?

1) i am currently part of the MIT ilab team in my school where the
central system is
a linux system which i choose openSUSE as my distribution.

*What are your plans for promoting openSUSE? Please tell us what you
want to do the next 6 months.

2) my plans for the next 6 months is to create a network of students
where we can share ideas
on how we can make openSUSE look friendly to students and even spread
to all other campus here
in Nigeria.Also to train some students and later assign them to
departments where they will help
other students having problems.

Are you ready to start promoting openSUSE?

3)i am totally ready

* What do you think is the best kept secret of openSUSE?

4) really i love the fact that most drivers needed for my work are
present and there are no problems
of drivers like few other distributions i have used before.

*Why do you love to do this?

5) Linux is my hobby and also it is my platform for all my work.I
just love to hear open source and even
people call me linux because theres hardly no day i don't tell people
about it. least i forget the freedom
in linux is awesome and the free softwares.

* How did you start with with Linux/openSUSE? What is your level of

6) i started using linux in my first grade in the university. i was
introduced by a senior student who
told me about linux , he said it was a complicated system that people
don't really like to use it but i did
not listen so i tried getting one myself but it was ubuntu because i
was exposed to ubuntu at the time and later
moved to fedora but now on openSUSE. I will rate myself on range of
0-10 7. There was a time my school was on closedown
in my first and third grade, then i played with it like a game thats
where i developed most of my skills.

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