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[opensuse-ambassadors] event report from LCA
Hi all,

I went to LCA ;-)

Did blog about it - pictures can be found on my picasaweb:

Event Report LCA 2011
* LCA 2011 happened from mon 24 to sat 29 of Januari 2011.
* openSUSE Ambassadors: Jos Poortvliet, Tim Serong
* Event Details
o It is a well organized and quite professional conference. Biggest
sponsors HP, IBM, Intel and Google. Budget about $700.000, entry fee from $60
to $600 (depending if you're student, hobbyist or professional and if you get
early bird registration (50% off). There are about 1000 people there, mostly
semi-regulars, few students. Most of them quite technical and experienced.
o Arrived Tuesday night, Wednesday first day of the conference.
o Was 'fairy penguin' sponsor (A$ 1500). This was noticed by a few
o At professional networking meeting got to talk to a few people, got
one in contact with Bretzn team to talk about payment systems for openSUSE's
appstore and someone else on OBS.
o Attended talks, among others by Red Hat/Fedora ppl Learned about
Koji and how it is about 5 lightyears behind on OBS :D
o Blogged daily about LCA & other stuff (blog aggregated on an LCA
planet) and tweeted several times. Also linked with Facebook.
o Got in contact with a few local (open)SUSE people, will work with
them to set up more of a community in AU.
o Realized many people want to spread openSUSE but don't know how.
They used to have local Novell contacts but those disappeared (layoffs etc)
and now they're stuck. I will try and get them motivated to become openSUSE
ambassador. Need to expand our ambassador program, communicate it better and
work with the local Novell/SUSE offices, integrate their work with local
(open)SUSE people and the ambassador work! This is what Red Hat and Canonical
do very well.
o Spoke with keynote speaker Mark Pesce, will try to get him as
keynote speaker for Desktop Summit (if not maybe suse conf!)
o Had a meeting with Fedora Project Lead. We discussed cross-distro
collaboration. There will be a discussion panel on that on FOSDEM lead by him
and the Debian project lead, I will join them.
o Gave a 90 second lightning talk (24 slides about SUSE Studio) during
the closing ceremony which earned me a t-shirt (winner best lightningtalk).
Resulted in ppl coming up to me all Saturday, both to compliment with talk and
to say they would check out openSUSE and SUSE Studio again.
o Held a booth on Saturday together with Tim, local Novell/SUSE
employee. Answered many questions.
o Created 1 A4 poster to get geeks' interest, gave away about 40 and
used it in booth area
o Gave away 150 DVD's, rest is with 2 local openSUSE ppl now.
o This conference is certainly worth going to but needs more marketing
materials and more people, a team!

Common questions asked:
openSUSE still alive? (answer: more than ever :D)
Why would I use openSUSE and not XXXX? (because we're cool, see A4 poster)
How is the takeover stuff doing for openSUSE? (see my interview with Jeff

I will put this in the wiki page of LCA 2011 too :D
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