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Adrian Schröter

19 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] af26aa: [dist] switch to ruby 2.2.0 api
10 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 508925: Shaving off some extra from StatisticsCalculations...
26 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 474a24: [api] allow multiple parallel updateinfo counters ...
24 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] da198a: [api] fix package meta data on project move and im...
26 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 66296c: [api] fix assignreview command
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 10aa22: - support target package in accepted maintenance_i...
24 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e4b497: [api][backend] fix indexing and source access to m...
19 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d12688: [ci] use some more transactions in webui test suit...
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-service-source_validator] 2b5ec8: Add install target to Makefile
19 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] f7c775: [ci] merge two testcases
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] caef99: - allow diffing of maintenance requests
12 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 96dc87: [api] fix diffing of maintenance_incident with ai ...
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 381071: support maintenance_release requests with acceptin...
19 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 7d2059: [api] update test-unit and power_assert
25 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 7103fa: [api] support verboseproductlist call
23 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 93ecdc: [api] enforce recreation of sphinx db after versio...
17 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 86cce0: [api] improve error message
10 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e85f9b: [dist] perl-XML-Structured required by worker
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 9ed395: [api] avoid variable instance layering
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 92f1c7: [api] store target package information for mainten...
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b4278f: [backend] fix endless rebuilds of aggregates from ...
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 66feb5: [ci] travis can not deal with symlinked binaries f...
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 420c1d: [ci] install bundler on travis
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-service-source_validator] b85a5d: - unbreak source validator with packages using sou...
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 6312a7: [backend] improve error message
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-service-format_spec_file] d9830f: Add Makefile with install target
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 07b988: [api] avoid mysql dead lock errors
25 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 31d059: [api] add missing view for verboseproductlist
18 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] ce14a9: [ci] create .ruby2.2 links for travis
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 617006: [api] avoid to overwrite release times when they a...
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] c6f7ed: [dist] fix file list of spec file
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 9f2f43: [api] support submit requests into SP projects lin...
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] e05283: - support acceptinfo in maintenance_incident reque...
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] f59b60: - release 0.152.0
29 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d7ff0b: [api] fix request locking on accept
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a444ec: [ci] disable test for russian search for now
15 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a8aba8: [api] rename SubmitRequestSourceDiff class to Requ...
16 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e31c7f: [api] fix and test disabled channels
10 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 67a492: Basic support for simpleimage
26 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] f96d11: [api] migration fixes
30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 3e3f07: [ci] follow changed error message
08 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 22aeb6: bs_productconvert: match arch precisely
11 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a622a7: [ci] avoid sysread
15 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d0c85c: [api] report event reading code errors to errbit
09 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 1509db: - allow to use "osc chroot" also with lxc build-ty...
18 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d2a25c: [ci] tell travis to use ruby 2.2
10 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 41e0bb: [dist] perl-XML-Structured required by worker
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 7c07f4: [ci] two more fixture rollbacks and md5sum fixes
23 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 2aa74c: [dist] cleanup
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 9b38eb: [ci] install bundler on travis
22 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e38be0: [ci] one more fixture rollback
18 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] c6b046: [api][webui] update ruby*


30 Jun [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc]
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