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12 December, 2014

07:33 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 8e0aeb: [api] fix rollback when user has modified tracking...
07:35 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 6b8a5f: [api] Do a migration in a different way
08:08 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 665e4f: [api] avoid conflicting flags in projects
08:26 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] af1311: [doc] Add update notes to 2.6
09:19 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] c2d112: - osc2.cli.cli: fixed typo
10:19 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 952d30: [doc] Add update notes to 2.6
12:18 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] de2f92: - test.wc.test_util: added testcase for wc_parent
12:40 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] f6d88f: - test.test_oscargs: added testcase for a nonexist...
12:45 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 9cddc5: - add mr --release-project option for kgraft updat...
13:01 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] d2533c: - test.wc.test_project: check if correct project a...
13:40 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] 2a0a75: - cli.cli, cli.add: added initial "add" command
13:49 Marcus Huewe [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc2] f19591: - cli.status.status: corrected guards in the statu...
14:09 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 03544b: [api] implify code
14:14 Adrian Schröter [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] fd0c1b: [api] implify code
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