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Re: [mirror] Suboptimal (for mirrors) download pattern by opensuse clients
On Tue, 3 Mar 2020 08:58:00 +0100 (CET)
Niklas Edmundsson <nikke@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Tue, 3 Mar 2020, Michael Meier (FTP-Admin) wrote:

On 3/3/20 7:42 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
mirrorbrain does currently not support https. It simply does not
know about it.
That explains, can we somehow fix or work around that?
Basically someone would need to do some work on mirrorbrain
itself, the code. It would be very nice to support https as well
as ipv6.

Or you could switch from mirrorbrain to mirrorbits, which does
support both, and to which most of the rest of the world switched
by now, due to the complete lack of any mirrorbrain development (or
even merging of existing patches) for years now.

That's my impression as well, it's likely less effort than trying to
beat mirrorbrain into shape.

1. we looked at mirrorbits and also at mirrormanager from fedora. both
are not solving our main problem.

2. actually you want to turn off metalinks support or at least the
partial fetching in zypper to get rid of the suboptimal pattern that
started this thread.


We have a working proof of concept for a much faster scanning
process which allows us to implement other things from the roadmap.

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