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Re: [suse-mirror] Opensuse master rsync server performance
ftpmirror-beheer@xxxxxxxx (ftpmirror-beheer@xxxxxxxx) wrote on Thu, Feb 23,
2017 at 09:59:40AM BRT:

Quoting Niklas Edmundsson <nikke@xxxxxxxxxx>:
I've seen various efforts on partial updates of large repositories,
generally with the master server providing lists of what's changed.

For example, I've been intending to look into setting up instant
mirroring for CPAN (perl). See for their
take on solving the problem. Looks easy to use on the client side at
least, I have no clue on what's needed on the server side...
We are using imm for that for a long time, works like a charm
On the client it is very easy to setup, we used to rsync CPAN in the past.
Since imm was installed we did not see long running rsyncs to CPAN anymore.

We do something similar: if the master provides a list of all objects, in rsync
format, we use it and do not scan the whole repository upstream. I can give the
rsync command (just a few options) if the admins of stage are interested. OTOH,
we have a sophisticated mirror update script and won't use anything else here.
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