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Re: [suse-mirror] Opensuse master rsync server performance
On Tue, 21 Feb 2017, ftp-admin@xxxxxxxx wrote:

So in short, we're going to have double bandwidth in a week, and 8x our current bandwidth in a few months.

Regardless, I think that you have to do the math and factor in available bandwidth, change volume (current and future), expected mirror freshness and figure out a number of mirrors that stage.o.o can handle.

Btw, if you have lots and lots of files you also need to cater for that as well since it takes time and some bandwidth to send the file lists...

Developer awareness of the limitations also helps.

Oh, and point the public rsync.o.o to a decent mirror somewhere that doesn't affect stage.o.o connectivity ...

Why aren't you asking teamix to mirror openSUSE on the mirror of N-IX ( You are directly linked there (at least the member list and the index page of the mirror are telling this). teamix is connected via two times 10 Gbit to the exchange point, maybe the mirror can also provide 10 Gbit. The mirror is providing Gentoo, fedora and grml over rsync and I am sure they would be able to add openSUSE. This server could act as a second rsync.o.o server.
If more servers are needed next to rsync.o.o we can also help out. already is using stage.o.o and has mirrorred opensuse-full-with-factory and opensuse-ports
We have a 10 Gbit connection, and can handle some more load.

I would say that being able to serve 10 Gbit is a sane prerequisite for a primary mirror. Also, connectivity/peering within the intended region is also important.

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