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[suse-mirror] NOTICE: Please Configure Your openSUSE Mirror Appropriately
Dear openSUSE Mirror Hosts,

Thank you for your continued hosting of openSUSE Mirrors.

While recently resolving an issue with we realised that a
significant number of you are
using as your content source. is meant to be a publicly available mirror host, but as
registered hosts on this mailing
list, you are entitled to use, our dedicated mirror host for

This server not only provides access to pre-release content, but is the
authoritative source for all openSUSE
content, including

As registered mirrors, please configure your sync cronjobs to use instead of

This is particularly important for mirrors hosting openSUSE Tumbleweed
(formerly known as Factory) which has a
higher rate of change.

While I'm mentioning Tumbleweed, if you are hosting a Tumbleweed mirror, please
consider ensuring your sync
cronjobs run more often than once every 24 hours.

Also, if you are not running a Tumbleweed mirror, please consider altering your
configuration to do so.
Tumbleweed is more and more a key offering of the openSUSE Project and we
really could benefit from more
Tumbleweed mirrors.

Compared to the "opensuse-full" module the addition of Tumbleweed will take
approximately 60GB more disk space
with an estimated rate of change of ~5GB per day (with a 'worst-case' rate of
change being 60GB which occurs
once or twice a year).

You can achieve this by altering your sync cronjob to use the
"opensuse-full-with-factory" rsync module.

This request is part of an ongoing program of improvements including increased
bandwidth for expected on 1st March (doubling) & 1st June (4x more, 8x
If you are experiencing problems with performance, please
let us know, especially after the
above dates.
Your ongoing feedback & support will help us shape and tune these improvements
as we go forward.

Many Thanks,
Richard Brown
openSUSE Chairman

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