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RE: [suse-mirror] IP update

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From: Marcus Rueckert [mailto:mrueckert@xxxxxxx]
Sent: dinsdag, 24 mei, 2011 21:45

We just replaced our mirror server and sync requests will now come
from '' instead of ''.



Please allow this IP to sync from '' and update the
repositories push address.

we sync to atm, is this nolonger working?

At this moment the IP '' ( is configured
on our new mirror server and is accessible, however this may change in the
future. Therefor please use '' / (

As we now also have a mirror server in Germany and will install a
server in the USA shortly, the new hostname of this machine will be
'', a CNAME record for has
been created and the bandwidth has been upgraded from 2GE to 4GE.

currently we redirect to should we change that to

Yes, please update this to

what is the name of the german mirror? should we we add it aswell?

The hostname for our german mirror is ''.
I just configured this server to sync the opensuse repo but this machine
Is not allowed yet. This server is syncing from ''.

We also configured the push for the 'repositories'. Login credentials are
the same as for

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Kriegsman
LeaseWeb B.V.

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