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Re: [suse-mirror] Mirroring buildservice

I'd like to revive the discussion regarding the traffic generated by
OBS. We have enough disk space to mirror everything that OpenSUSE has to
offer and we are happy to upload as much as there is demand. However,
the OBS suite we get from stage::buildservice-repos is not a good thing
to mirror.

Based on our statistics we roughly have the same amount of outgoing
traffic (users downloading from our mirror) as incoming traffic (rsync

Depending on the current situation, sometimes we upload more than we download
(good!), sometimes we do not. Because of all the rsync pushes (involving
disk writes and scans) there is a high price (performance-wise) we pay
to have the data, although there is not enough demand for that
"expensive" data.

In order to ease the burden on our disk backend (filling all the caches,
slowing down other accesses) caused by traffic without much use we would
like to have any of the following solutions:

- we do not mirror OBS anymore
- you increase our traffic substantially
- you offer a "hot" subset of data that is high in demand (we can
provide logfiles, but we do not want to invest much time to compute
this subset (and re-compute it over time?))

Please discuss/pick.

Carsten Otto otto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LuFG Informatik 2
RWTH Aachen phone: +49 241 80-21211
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