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Re: [suse-mirror] Mirror - - scope
On 2011-03-23 10:30:26 +1100, Shaun Ewing wrote:
On 23/03/11 10:10 AM, "Marcus Rueckert" <mrueckert@xxxxxxx> wrote:
i will look into this tomorrow.

just wondering ... what other countries get send to your mirror?
you should only get traffic from Australia and maybe Oceania.
and of course we cant affect people who are adding your mirror directly.

Thanks Marcus.

We're seeing a fairly global distribution including parts of Asia such as
China, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. North and South America (eg: Mexico and
Brazil), and Europe (Russia, Denmark, France, etc).

I need to get some better stats running to drill down further, but we seem
to have a fairly wide distribution.

can you see referrers in the log file? to be sure this is really from
redirection traffic?

We're happy to continue serving Australia and Oceania but simply want to
limit our global distribution for the time being.



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