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Re: [suse-mirror] Re: [opensuse-factory] openSUSE 11.4 is done! Please help with Launch!
On 03/04/2011 02:15 AM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Friday, March 04, 2011 03:47:18 AM Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
My main interest is to get the code into, second interest
to try it personally, third to distribute.

If everything is done, why not distribute immediately?
With RC2, we had a deletion and renewal of all already distributed files
while the directories still were not opened.

Please start that again just now. The "open distribution directories
now" signal would be a totally separate thingy for the mirrors, main
thing is to get the files just-in-time and distribute internally - many
of us mirrors will struggle to deny the need of your very costly Akamai
helpout for the first hours, so please honorate "our" struggle to
engage all secondary ressorces just-in-time.

We like to give our best and help you this time (first time!) to get
able to dismiss the costly Akamai distribution bandwidth, but most
german mirrors - your main base, but all willing others too - need some
preparation time before your final release signal.

So, please let the code come out just now.

Getting everything ready for publishing takes some time, I'm currently
syncing the repo/oss tree internally around to the staging area. And with
Coolo ill, it takes a little bit longer ;-(

I can definitely appreciate how long it takes to get this setup from
your end Andreas, and really the more work you put into it the easier it
is for everyone. So my hat goes off to you with respect to that.

I expect that we have everything on stage on Monday but having the binaries
in repo/oss today should give you a head start.

The sooner the bits get out, the better, particularly for getting the
~30G of data shipped across the Atlantic. Couple of things that might
be helpful with this (and I know you've got enough with this release, so
please ignore these for 11.4)

- Other distros have had some good luck with hard linking
content from the beta that hasn't changed into the final
release. Cuts down on what needs to be transferred in the
final go around. This might already be the case for you
guys, I haven't looked / double checked this.

- Pushing out the actual release date so that you've got,
basically, a weeks worth of push time from when the content
actually makes it onto the master servers. A week is more
than enough time to get all the content pushed around, even
across the ponds.

- Push for more tiering in the mirror infrastructure. Right now
everyone seems to be encouraged to pull from the master
servers. While this is nice, it makes the master servers a
heck of a bottleneck in getting the content.

While this gives you a really clean way of making sure
everyone is syncing from the same place (and thus everyone is
guaranteed as close to identical as possible), it's also a
mess when trying to get the content out to everyone. Choose
10 mirrors that are stable, have good solid hardware, are
geographically diverse and have bucket loads of bandwidth
(tier 1 mirrors). Give them early access to the content (day
or two?) and let them get the data as quickly as they can,
and encourage all the other mirrors (tier 2 mirrors) to sync
from the tier 1 mirrors. This spreads the load out and
everyone gets synced a lot faster in the end.

On a side note, I'm more than happy to let official opensuse
mirrors sync directly from, we've got 4 machines
worldwide and 4gbps of worldwide bandwidth. Just e-mail
ftpadmin@xxxxxxxxxx and we'll set you up with access to a
tier2 opensuse module.

One other thing that's been very useful to a number of us is the Open
Source Release Calendar:

We've been trying to keep it up to date, and it gives us mirror admins a
fighting chance to be able to safely plan downtimes for hardware or
other maintenance, and let us know what's going on. It's just a public
Google calendar, and I'm more than happy to add anyone from OpenSuse to
it so they can update it during the release process vs. me (or one of
the other people with change access) from doing it externally. (with a
side hope of distros realizing when other things are being released so
they don't all release at the same time, I know I'm wishing on dreams
but yeah)

I'm just tossing these out as suggestions, and things that are working
for other distros, and things that have been helping other mirror admins.

We mark everything non-readable until Thursday, 10th of March.
As in the past, if any mirror leaks before Thursday, we will remove access
of that mirror to the staging area, so please check your setting.

Is there a specific flip time your requesting, as I haven't seen a flip
time published and just want to make sure we are live when you want us
to be.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley
Chief Administrator
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