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Re: [suse-mirror] RFC: to akamai nor not?
Christian Deckelmann (deckel@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote on 26 February 2011 08:10:
On Freitag, 25. Februar 2011 Stephan Kulow wrote:

We always used akamai the first hours after release, but it's not only very
complex to maintain, it was also said that it is not needed and might even

So I would like to know if you think we can do without for 11.4

I really doubt your mirrors cannot give good service even at peak
times... In our case we could deliver 20x more without problem. In
Europe you have excellent mirrors that users will have a hard time to

One advantage of Akamai is their global presence.
It´s important to have the servers as close (from a latency POV) as possible
to the clients.

Not really. Latency is important when you want to get many different
files, and interactively. For opensuse downloads, which are mostly
dvds, latency isn't important, only throughput is.
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