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Re: [suse-mirror] 11.4-Milestone4

On 11/26/2010 02:36 PM, Stephan Kulow wrote:

I'm uploading Milestone4 at the moment and will open up over the weekend
when I have also delta ISOs. I guess the announcement will be sent out on

Greetings, Stephan

Two questions:

- is it already there?

- why do I still get "You are accessing under an
outdated IP."?

# host has address

# rsync -avH --progress --delete
/path/to/pub/opensuse/distribution/11.4-Milestone4 --delete-excluded
You are accessing under an outdated IP. Please update
your configuration or use DNS resolution.

See for more information.

This is, restricted rsync server of

If you run a public mirror, please get in contact so we can give you
access to the this rsync server.

You'll find conditions for access and further information at


receiving incremental file list
rsync: change_dir "/opensuse/distribution/11.4-Milestone4" (in
opensuse-full-with-factory-dvd5) failed: No such file or directory (2)

sent 16 bytes received 6 bytes 44.00 bytes/sec
total size is 0 speedup is 0.00
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at
main.c(1524) [receiver=3.0.3]

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