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Re: [suse-mirror] Blogging about 11.3 launch - THANKS!
On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 02:37:03PM +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Saturday 17 July 2010 17:07:50 Keld Simonsen wrote:

Anyway it looks like the novell site has been taken off the list for

We use Akamai only for the first day of the release. Let's see for the next
release whether we should give it a lower priority initially - or what are
your suggestions?

Well, some thoughts: Try to estimate the total bandwidth use for the next
given that it would be an even greater success than 11.3. That is: look at the
previous couple of releases, extimate the total bandwith use, over the peek
days, and extrapolate from there.

then see if there is a need for the Akamai service, and what the need should be.

Also bear in mind that the mirrors in the opensuse infrastructure have other
eg serving other distributions, and that they may not be able to serve full
nominal bandwidth.

I know other distributions have some reopsitory bandwidth testing scripts,
eg pclinuxos, and that could probably be exploited to measure the individual
mirrors download speed.

What seems missing IMHO from mirrorbrain is dynamic adjustments - so if
gwdg has bandwidth, we should raise it's priority and if it's saturated,
lower it. That way it could balance load even better...

Yes, a good idea. I would like something that is well documented and general
for also other distributions to use. It seems that almost every distribution
has their own way of administering mirrors and administering downloads.
I would like at least some building bricks that could ease the work with
distribution distribution (sic!).

best regards
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