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Re: [suse-mirror] size of modules
Hi Andreas,

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Monday 12 July 2010 23:48:59 Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
On Mon, 12 Jul 2010, Stephan Kulow wrote:
Am Montag 12 Juli 2010 schrieb SWITCHmirror Admins:

Is the date and time for the 11.3 bitflip known already? I think I
haven't seen it mentioned on this list. Or did I miss it?

We will bitflip at around 1pm CEST on tursday, 15th of july.

Why so late?
Do you think that still something may be broken witch you didn't detect?

I have updated both i586 and x86_64 without any problem.

Opening earlier than propagated could de-stress the moment of official
release - because a lot of traffic would have gone "hidden" earlier, and
the release moment would see lesser boundaries.

I am ready to open instantly, if you agree.

You would get ftp3, ftp4, ftp5.gwdg with a local boundary of 1 GBit/s
each, but with no boundary in sum.

Since Coolo announced that people can upgrade with zypper dup, we had to
open "distribution/11.3/repo" now open and would appreciate if you do so as

How do i do it?
It is only open currently if one types the full URL.

This is what I got from rsync:

emoenke@ftp5:3 21:57:27 /ftp/pub/opensuse/distribution/11.3 > dir
insgesamt 12
drwxr-x--x 5 emoenke gwdg 39 2010-07-08 13:04 .
drwxr-xr-x 6 emoenke gwdg 4096 2010-07-13 21:00 ..
drwxr-x--x 2 emoenke gwdg 4096 2010-07-11 07:35 delta
drwxr-xr-x 2 emoenke gwdg 4096 2010-07-11 07:38 iso
drwxr-xr-x 4 emoenke gwdg 30 2010-07-08 15:50 repo
emoenke@ftp5:3 21:57:30 /ftp/pub/opensuse/distribution/11.3 >

So the iso directory is open too if someone types the full URL, but not delta.

Let's start serving ISOs, deltas and torrents only on Thursday,

If this is your decision, you have to set the access modes accordantly and hope that rsync will follow, or tell us some chmod commands.

Viele Gruesse
Eberhard Moenkeberg (emoenke@xxxxxxx, em@xxxxxxx)

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