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Re: [suse-mirror] download.o.o/factory-snapshot
On Saturday 31 October 2009 00:55:40 Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:

On Thu, 29 Oct 2009, Stephan Kulow wrote:
So far we kept the factory-snapshot on widehat only,
but as download.o.o gained some brand new GB, we decided
to move the snapshot directly there.

Those that want to mirror *everything* I created a new
rsync module, you can get it from

This snapshot is where current 11.2 repository users
are redirected to, so we see a lot of traffic to it at
the moment. But as I can't guarantee that we won't need
to rebuild 11.2 for whatever reason before release, I
do not really recommend to mirror it. Once I'm sure
11.2 is final, it will move to /distribution/11.2/repo
of course - we will open the repo earlier than the ISOs.

BTW: I will move the remaining debug and source directories
out of /distribution in preparation of 11.2 release. It's only
interesting for those that mirror opensuse-full - all other
rsync modules had it excluded anyway.

I am using currently opensuse-full-with-factory-dvd5/opensuse/.
So my question: what to cnange to get it, additionally, please, within
the same rsync run?

Maybe it is a good idea (and good time) to change the module names to real
subdirectory names now.

Please, for future: try to give one URL for everything (which delivers
"everything" forever), and tell if you add either directories or
subdirectory module names.

"Creational intelligence" at this point is very counter-productive for the

Not sure what you really you ask for actually.

These are the visible rsync modules on stage:

opensuse-hotstuff-160gb 179.09G
opensuse-hotstuff-80gb 134.08G
opensuse-full 158.68G
opensuse-full-with-factory 245.03G
opensuse-full-with-factory-dvd5 254.19G
opensuse-full-really-everything 430.74G
opensuse-updates 72.42G
buildservice-repos 333.83G
buildservice-repos-main 184.35G
opensuse-source 39.74G
opensuse-debug 94.70G

And if look at the usage I see this (one count per mirror in the log):

51 opensuse-full
33 opensuse-full-with-factory
26 opensuse-full-with-factory-dvd5
16 opensuse-source
9 opensuse-hotstuff-160gb
9 opensuse-full-really-everything
5 opensuse-updates
2 opensuse-debug
2 buildservice-repos-main
2 buildservice-repos

So while gwdg may want to switch from repos+dvd5 to everything I don't
think everyone wants.

Greetings, Stephan
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