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Re: [suse-mirror] openSUSE 10.2 nearing end of life
Good Day,

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 01:26:39AM +0100, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Peter Poeml wrote:

just a quick note - I don't know if Coolo has already mentioned it:
openSUSE 10.2 (
will soon be removed from our staging server, since it is not maintained

Whoever wants to keep it, should put a copy away now. Possibly add
yourself to
so that users can find it.

Sorry, I can't tell you a date for the removal at the moment, but I
thought I'd better write it now, before it is forgotten, over releasing
11.1 and Christmas.

Don't you mean 10.3?

At least 10.2 disappeared already during November.

Oh, my bad. I may have caused quite some confusion here.

I believed that I removed 10.2 only in some rsync modules, but not in all.
But in fact, I excluded it in all rsync modules already.
(That was a bit hastily done, a few weeks ago, and without prior notice)

Sorry about that.

I wanted to exclude it from mirroring to make room on mirrors for 11.1,
and because 10.2 is hardly downloaded anymore. Thus, it is still
available for users as before (via, but not on
mirrors, which should be sufficient for the remaining users. The
interest in install media and network installation of 10.2 is just very
small now, after two years.

Since 10.2 is still present on the stage server, just not in any rsync
module, we can make it available of course. Just let me know.

The main question is: how long will opensuse/update be valid, and will we
get information before something gets deleted?

We have lots of servers here which don't get updated in-time, so interest
is huge to access the latest updates for the gone distribution.

Regarding updates, it is a different situation. First, we leave them
there for much longer. 10.2 updates are in fact served from
and its mirrors; 10.3 was the first that got its updates from openSUSE
infrastructure ( I have no timeline for
removal of those, but I don't think that we plan to remove 10.2/10.3
updates anytime soon.

That's the reason why there are no 10.2 updates on; they have never been there.

By the way, there is a virtual host called on
download.o.o which redirects to (sic),
which has updates for 10.0-10.2 as far as I know.

In general, as you probably know SUSE has stopped offering discontinued
products a long time ago on their servers, since disk space was always
short. Of course we keep the stuff internally, but disk space on and doesn't allow to keep it
available for download. Since as long as I can remember, some servers
as yours have been keeping those available in a "discontinued" directory
and thereby done this service for us.
These are the addresses that I have tried to collect at,
and I just updated the page for 10.2.

With Tobias Offermann from Host Europe I recently talked about this and
we entertained the idea to consolidate this a little bit. We have a
redirect from the old URL to Host Europe to
keep the old URL valid. We could do the same for 10.2 once its gone.
Once any of the update tress on become historic,
we can do the same, with those helpful mirrors that help us out!

Contact: admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx (a.k.a. ftpadmin@xxxxxxxx)
#opensuse-mirrors on

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