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Re: [libyui-devel] libyui plugin extensions
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back again on this subject.

my fork:
contains the widget extension enhancement.

ATM important classes are
YWE and YWidgetExtensionFactory, they work
exactly like YUI and YWidgetFactory.

YWidgetExtensionFactory must be extended into a new class
that represents the extension.
I'm currently working on an example called yui-mga, whose
plugins are yui-mga-qt, yui-mga-gtk and yui-mga-ncurses.
ATM i have only the qt one, and not in a public repository, i
will publish it as soon as possible so that you can also
have an example.

I changed buildtools, adding EXTENSIONNAME that works like
PLUGINNAME, except for lib install directory that is at
the same level as yui.

I'd like to change the YWE class name into YWidgetExtension
or YPluginExtension, any other idea is welcome and fix some
comments, i think i left the YUI ones here and there.

If you could kindly start looking before a pull request... :)

I also tested bindings, since extensions are user defined, they cannot
work without touching anything, but a little patch managed
by user can easily make it working. I mean official yui-bindings cannot
load and manage also the new extension without knowing it, so it's
up to user (the one who wrote the extension) make it available.

Any feed backs is more than welcome :)

Thanks in advance.

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