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Re: [heroes] anna rebooted last night?
Hi Per,

that was me... good findings and a nice test run how reboot-stable we are.

We need to look into this!

Thanks for the quickfix this morning. I wonder why the IP addr wasnt there.
That shouldnt have happened.

Best regards,

Am 15. Februar 2019 08:50:49 MEZ schrieb Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
When anna was rebooted last night, postfix failed to start - couldn't
find an interface with the 192.168.47 address. Postfix did wait for to complete (17:32:00) and started at 17:32:01, but
still couldn't find an interface with the address ?

I started up postfix this morning just before 8, the sudden flood of
messages might have caused some receiving servers to start rate

In the queue I see a few messages from icinga - recovery status or
recovery notification - sent from "icinga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
to "icinga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". This can't be delivered, so an NDR
is attempted sent back to "icinga@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" which can't be
delivered either.

delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[2620:113:80c0:8::16]:25: Connection refused

about 250 such mails right now :-)

There were a few other issues -

systemd-sysctl[397]: Couldn't write '655360' to 'net/nf_conntrack_max',
ignoring: No such file or directory
(long list of those). Some conntrack module not being loaded early

Keepalived - config problems
Keepalived_vrrp - config problem

I've captured all the output. Unless someone puts a hand up, I'll
probably just open some issues for us to look at later.


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