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[heroes] Mirrorbrain configuration adjustments
Dear Heroes,

I was assigned
and, together with Theo, managed to fix the issue. But I want to make sure all
heroes are aware of the trouble and the reasons behind.

First, the bug happened becuase of an outdated mirror ( in
this case). The file yast2-trans-en_US.rpm was not updated on that

In normal repos, this does not cause issues, as all RPMs are named
NAME-VERSION.rpm, with a changing VERSION field. So if a mirror is not
updating, it simply won't have the new RPMs with VERSION+1. Simple

For stuff in repo/oss/boot though, this does not apply: there are
unversioned files, including a bunch of squashfs images. Most don't
have a number in the name, so they are excempt from mirror redirection
anyway, so all good.. except for yast_2_-* :(

In the past, we had a block in apache;s configuration to redirect all
of repo/oss/boot to downloadcontent, where we have control over the
state and basically can guarantee it being up-to-date. Somewhen, this
block had been disabled with a comment like:

# why is that needed at all?
# we have mirrors outside who can handle this content...

So, by now we know the 'why' :)

As said, together with Theo this block had been re-enabled and
mirrorbrain is again redirectnig all of boot/ to

Additionally, I disabled in the MB database: this mirror
has not been updating in 1.5 years.

I hope to have you informed sufficiently and nobody feels like I
stepped on anybodys toes.

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