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Re: [heroes] Host fonts at

Am Montag, 15. Oktober 2018, 19:52:11 CET schrieb Christian Boltz:
Am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018, 23:10:40 CEST schrieb Guo Yunhe:
[hosting static files of the Chameleon theme on static.o.o]

I like the idea of moving the fonts to static.o.o.

Maybe you should also consider to move most of the CSS and JS (except
the wiki-specific parts) to static.o.o - that would probably be better
and faster than piping 280 kB of CSS and 400 kB of JS through
Mediawiki's load.php ;-) [1]

[1] I noticed increasing load on the wiki server since we use the
Chameleon skin. That's not really surprising because the Bento
skin used lots of files from static.o.o. My _guess_ is that piping a
large amount of CSS and JS through load.php contributes to the load.
However, I don't have solid numbers to confirm or deny this - we'll
see what happens when we move the CSS and JS to static.o.o. (Note
that Leap 15 was released the same day - I hope this also contributes
to the load ;-)

Interestingly, the number of apache processes already went down
significantly two weeks ago when I switched (only) en-test.o.o to using
static.o.o. My guess is that en-test.o.o doesn't get accessed too often,
and therefore typically its memcached cache expires before someone
accesses it again.

Today (some hours ago) I deployed the updated wiki skin that uses
static.o.o, and the wiki server (riesling) is bored again :-) (half of
the CPU usage, less apache processes, and of course less network
traffic). OTOH, the load on the static.o.o servers didn't increase much
because a) it's config is optimized for delivered static files
(especially when compared to piping lots of JS and CSS through
MediaWiki's load.php) and b) it has a long cache lifetime.

If you are interested in details (you should be!), have a look at the
monitoring. For those who are interested, but don't have a heroes
account (yet?), I uploaded a few dumps of the monitoring:

When looking at the monitoring graphs, it should be obvious when exactly
I deployed the updated skin that uses static.o.o ;-)


Christian Boltz
Ich sollte mal bei den Popcornherstellern meine Provision einfordern.
Die habe ich gerade auf Jahre saniert, glaube ich.
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