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Re: [heroes] Mailing list down?
On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 04:35:14PM +0200, Knurpht@openSUSE wrote:
Op maandag 18 juni 2018 16:28:48 CEST schreef Per Jessen:
Axel Braun wrote:

dunno if this is the right list to ask about infrastructure, so just
giving it a try:
I'm subscribed to opensuse-support, and receive mails every now and
then. I tried yesterday and today to send a question to the list, but
none of the mails showed up.....any issue with this list? Or with my
provider (GMX)?

Hi Axel

the lists are running fine, including opensuse-support. I see one mail
from you yesterday, and one today, both were accepted, but I don't see
them in the archive. Weird.
FWIW: I don't see any mails from Axel in opensuse-support@, hence my

Wild guess: maybe you sent HTML mails by accident?

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