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Re: [heroes] Resigning from the openSUSE heroes team

As mentioned before: I will not refuse to help if the openSUSE heroes
need me - but I will no longer pro-actively drive things or maintain
the infrastructure - and remove my permissions as soon as possible.

Looks like someone already removed my key from all machines without
further notice. To help you with removing me, I deleted my freeIPA
account as well as my monitoring account and my permissions on
progress. For the wiki, news and the other stuff, I hope that someone
with more knowledge than me can do this, as I had those permissions
only for emergency cases.

The only thing I do not understand is: why don't you talk to me and
hide yourself? Are the reasons the same for the mysterious removal of
Darix account? ...but I think it is silly to ask, as I will anyway
never find out - because in this case people would need to speak with

Sorry guys, but I have the feeling that the help I offered is not
welcome any more. So the last step is now to unsubscribe myself from
the mailing list. Feel free to delete my mails from any archive as

Sad to see how things go. This is not what I wanted and I hope that
everybody understands that I'm just following the obvious
intention here to kick me out. I have to accept that people don't like
to talk but instead act without further explanation.

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