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Re: [heroes] Resigning from the openSUSE heroes team
Hi all,

Am 07.12.2017 um 12:16 schrieb Lars Vogdt:
The decision is not easy for me, as infrastructure administration is
always my baby - and especially the openSUSE infrastructure was part of
my life now for many, many years. But time goes by and - as well
as people - things change. So I decided to step back in this area for
now and give others a chance.

besides all the politics and changes happening in the last weeks, with
none of this helping in actually improving the infrastructure, but
making peoples life harder, I really have to say, that this is what
happens when politics go crazy, people get sad and step out of the way -
of course they try to fight for a valid amount of time - but if it is
about a project mainly driven in free time - like here - I think we all
understand, why you had to decided for yourself to make a decision.

It's no good news for openSUSE project, to have such issues and such
things happen, and I actually think that we have to look out now how we
could replace what you have done in the past.

If I search for "Responsible: lrupp" in our openSUSE Admin wiki:

I'll get a list of at least 22 machines. So I suggest to sit down
together - before the Heroes meeting in March - and discuss on which
services are running there, how they are managed at the moment and who
can be the new openSUSE Hero taking over this service.

Of course there is even more - especially on the OBS-side of the force -
where you still are in charge and you are still running those services
together with your team - but especially for the openSUSE Heroes managed
machines, I think it would be good to have a proper handover of these
services. I'm pretty aware, that there will be questions afterwards and
I'm happy that you offer to help us with answering to all the questions
we might have to these machines in detail.

I offer myself as planning such a meeting, but as Lars' time is less
available then mine, I'm open for suggestions regarding the actual date
- after Lars told us some available dates - I would like to ask all the
Heroes via a "Doodle" or something if they want to join and organize a
proper meeting room in Nuremberg for this handover to happen.

Last but not least - Thanks for you work in the Heroes team.

It is somehow weird writing something like a farewell, while still
seeing the guy every day... so that's maybe why I don't understand
politics sometimes :).

Best regards,

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