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Re: [heroes] Please inform admins if you change something
On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 06:46:30PM +0200, Lars Vogdt wrote:

I was just checking today to see if there is
something where I can help - and was very surprised that "my" machine,, was marked as "has major issues"...

The fun started here:

which introduced the new sks package that switched over to the "machine
user/group scheme" requested by Ludwig: the new sks user and group now
have a "_" in front: user:_sks; group:_sks - while the old package had
simply user:sks; group:sks

Whoever logged in and installed that package - instead of keeping the
service down and NOT reading the changelog of the package:
* Do Jan 19 2017 lars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
- follow the recommended user/group naming scheme: and
=> using _sks user and _sks group now

...could you imagine that informing the administrator of the machine at
least after you break something would have helped?

If you want to take over the machine, feel free to do so, but talking
to people you should... :-/

Hello Lars,

I am the person to blame for this. I updated all heroes-managed 42.2 and
sle12sp2 machines to 42.3, so statistically one of them had to break :) I did
announce that I will do the upgrade on the heroes meeting 10 days ago, see
cboltz's summary. I saw that the service broke, and I tried to fix it but I
couldn't figure out what was the problem. I did not send you a mail to inform
you about the situation because of bad reasons, I don't have a really good
excuse for this.

Either way, point taken, I will stay away from major upgrades from this machine
from now on. Many apologies for breaking it and for not informing you
immediatelly, and thanks for fixing it fast

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