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Re: [heroes] Offsite Meeting Minutes 2016-12-02 to 2016-12-04

first of all - thanks for 3 very interesting days and for teaching and
discussing quite some heavy technical stuff! I enjoyed it, even if my
head is still smoking ;-) (and of course, also thanks for all the fun
that is not mentioned in the minutes ;-)

Am Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016, 19:50:10 CET schrieb Theo Chatzimichos:
* mediawiki

It looks like nobody took notes about the MediaWiki details, so let me
add them ;-)

- the * wikis run an outdated version of MediaWiki
- only the admins in Provo have direct access to the wiki servers, and
don't provide the response time and quality we'd like to see ;-) [1]
- we'll move the wiki to the upcoming openSUSE Cloud so that we get
direct access and can (and have to ;-) maintain it
- cboltz is working on the wiki update (to 1.27.x LTS).
Things that will change (mostly because of changes in upstream
- MediaWiki authentification framework changed completely, so we'll
switch to openID (which is available as extension) instead of
rewriting our AccessManager extension
- the openSUSE theme ("Bento") needs to be updated because of
MediaWiki changes (status: works, but some code beautifying would be
nice - help welcome)
- the fixed width theme is only used by a few users and will be
dropped to ease maintenance
- the MWSearch extension is no longer maintained and will be replaced
- as a result, search backend will switch from Lucene to ElasticSearch
- the "this page has been accessed X times" counter is no longer part
of MediaWiki core. It's available as an extension, which we'll
install because the counter is cool ;-)
- CategoryWatch is reported to not work with the new MediaWiki
version. The replacement is probably
(not tested yet)
- cboltz started packaging MediaWiki and some extensions in
- AI cboltz to do a MediaWiki 1.27.x test setup on a VM on hydra
(including salt'ing the base system - help on this is welcome ;-)

Let me also add some notes regarding the wiki content which we discussed
with Christoph on friday:
- we have lots of wiki pages that are outdated and need an update
- we'll create a "needs review" category and tag _all_ pages with this
category (using ReplaceText). When reviewing a page:
- update the page if needed
- if a page is only of historical interest, move it to the Archive:
- delete completely superfluous pages
- remove the "needs review" category
- for version-specific pages, add an "update for 42.3" category
that serves as TODO list when 42.3 gets released (after updating
those pages for 42.3, move them to an "update for 43.1" category)
- for pages that don't need regular changes, add a "stable content"
(exact category names not decided yet)
- page templates should include the "needs review" template by default
- these categories will be be used as TODO lists - in simple cases by
looking at the category page, in more complex cases (like searching
for not tagged pages) by using DynamicPageList's "notcategory" filter
- old releases and less important portals should no longer be listed in
the "Popular Portals" box. This can be done a) by maintaining that box
manually or b) by adding the "important" portals to a special category
or c) by adding the to-be-hidden portals to a special category
- Christoph has a time budget for updating the wiki (unless something
more important blocks him), but this doesn't mean he can do it alone
- all this can start now - no need to wait for the wiki update


Christian Boltz

[1] was this diplomatic enough? ;-)

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