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Re: [suse-blinux] Accessibility removed
  • From: Gordon Smith <gordon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 01:52:49 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <>
Hi Don. If there's a way, I'd love to hear about it. Frankly, I feel cheated that this information wasn't posted when Novell's announcement of availability was posted to this list which, as the list name implies, specialises in accessibility issues.

At 17:52 10/05/2005 -0700, don gentner said:

Hi Gordon, Yes I guess you have to go with what works
best for you right now and it sounds like Fedora is
the best right now. I still feel bad about Suse or I
should say Novell not loading the blinux package by

I have installed and used both Suse and Redhat/Fedora
and Fedora is very good but I have found Suse to be a
little easyer and more polished than Fedora.

Anyway I will still see if I can find a way around the

install problem. Don

--- Gordon Smith <gordon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Hi Don. Nobody in my area that I'm aware of uses
> SUSE at all. When I said it
> had been removed, I meant that it has been removed
> from the kernels. So it no
> longer comes up at boot time. From our point of
> view, this means I don't have
> a prayer of installing it, All the people I have
> spoken too on the subject, one
> of whom is a blind LINUX programmer, responsible for
> authoring the Supercast
> audio streaming server, tell me to ditch SUSE and go
> back to Fedora, for which
> there is a talking installation available. In fact,
> one of them has even gone
> so far as to kindly upload the images of the CD's to
> me. So at this point it
> looks like I'll reluctantly have to go that route.
> I need to get this project
> off the ground, to be honest. I don't have the time
> to spend hunting for stuff
> within SUSE. I just feel saddened that I'm coming
> up against a brick wall with
> SUSE every which way I turn. I want to thank you
> for your efforts to help
> here. I'm still very much interested if someone
> could come up with something
> to help. But the only way I could do anything with
> this OS would be if there
> is some kind of accessibility by default. Novell,
> in their infinite wisdom,
> have removed this. Thus effectively precluding the
> accessibility users from
> their product. It's all very well their talking
> about all the accessibility
> products which SUSE supports. But they don't make
> it possible for a visually
> impaired user to install the operating system
> without third-party help. I was
> planning on doing a review of SUSE for a radio
> station run by the American
> Council Of The Blind, for which I do voluntary work.
> However, my review will
> now have to be just a few lines in length. It will
> read something like:
> Good product, potentially anyway. However,
> accessibility by default is 0 and,
> as such, this LINUX distribution isn't one I can
> recommend.
> What a shame that Novell got their hands on what
> used to be an excellently well
> laid out operating system.
> At 19:12 09/05/2005 -0700, don gentner said:
> Hi Gordon, I have some good news. I called Novell
> and
> was able to talk to one of Novell's Linux Tech's
> and
> he helped me check out Suse 9.3 Professional from
> there Web site and we found that blinux is still a
> package
> in Suse 9.3.
> They have not removed it.
> Blinux is a package in there Hardware Package Group
> of
> Packages and called SBL. The package is not
> installed
> by default but is on the Suse 9.3 CD's and DVD's and
> can be installed by Yast.
> I went to one of my Suse computers and started up
> Yast
> and went to Software and then Install Software and
> then did a search in Hardware Package Groups for SBL
> and there it is. You can check the box and then Yast
> will
> ask for the Suse CD or DVD and it will install the
> package.
> Now I know this is not going to be easy for you
> because you can't point and click your way through
> all
> of this as I was able to. But the blinux Package is
> still in Suse and I think its an upgraded program
> because its SBL 2.2 .
> The bad news is that Novell doesn't offer support
> for
> blinux so you can't call a Novell tech for help.
> You will have to get help from someone who has
> installed and worked with this package or from a
> Linux
> users group that can help you find someone with
> help.
> I konw this is not going to be easy but there is
> hope
> that with the right kind of help that it is
> possible.
> Now that we know that it's in 9.3, I will try to
> help
> you find someone who has experience with configuring
> it. It would be great if you could find someone
> close
> to you who could help you install the SBL Package
> and
> then see what happens after you install and re-boot.
> I will see if anyone in a Linux users group around
> here has any experience with blimux.
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