Hi, I think I found a patch,

however when I try to verify:

openSUSE:Factory:zSystems/bird> osc build --vm-type=qemu s390x

I receive an error from the build system:

[   78s] [151/151] keeping gdb-9.2-3.3
[   78s] now finalizing build dir...
[   81s] RTNETLINK answers: File exists
[   81s] RTNETLINK answers: File exists
[   87s] /.build/build.dist: No such file or directory
[   91s] [   89.773069] sysrq: Power Off
[   91s] [   89.785321] reboot: Power down

Anyone got s390x packages building in Qemu using OSC?
Best regards / S pozdravem,
BSc. Mark Stopka, BBA
Managing Partner (at) PERLUR Group

mobile: +420 704 373 561
website: www.perlur.cloud

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 1:04 PM Mark Stopka <mstopka@opensuse.org> wrote:
thanks for your warm welcome, I am looking into that, I am going to start with packages I am using / know something about (bird roudint at this point), I am glad you are going to introduce OpenQA to s390x images, that should really help!

When I referred to limited knowledge of mainframes / s390x I meant Linux z/VM or LinuxONE :-), mainframes as such running zOS are a whole different can of worms (fun fact, I almost became a "mainframe guy" in 2010 :-) ), so I was more like referring to that I will have to build everything in Qemu s390x emulation environment, which is obviously slow.

Anyhow, can someone add my account "m4r3k" between maintainers in the project so we can avoid unnecessary forking? In addition if you see any Haskell packages failing, feel free to throw them my way...
Best regards / S pozdravem,
BSc. Mark Stopka, BBA
Managing Partner (at) PERLUR Group

mobile: +420 704 373 561
website: www.perlur.cloud

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 8:16 AM Sarah Julia Kriesch <ada.lovelace@gmx.de> wrote:
Hi Mark,

nice that you want to join our team.
Firstly, we are working on it to get our existing tests on the mainframe running. We can not work without them.
Many builds during packaging are failing at the moment. We are happy about every support in packaging:

Before fixing, look whether x86 is affected, too. If so, then submit to the regular Factory.
We will announce our working openQA for s390x here.

Because of the missing mainframe knowledge.
There are some online courses about IBM mainframes. They don't tell you a lot about Linux on the mainframe. But they are a good introduction.
- https://www.coursera.org/learn/introduction-enterprise-computing

But I don't see that as a requirement for s390x packaging.

Best regards,

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> Von: "Mark Stopka" <mstopka@opensuse.org>
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> Betreff: [opensuse-zsystems]  Re: Contributions by an IBMer
> Hi Sarah,
> I have an interest in openSUSE on SystemZ also (together with RISC-V), let me know if I can be of any help to you, while my knowledge (and access) to SystemZ systems is limited, I do have extensive knowledge of RPM packaging.
> I think it is important for us in a long-run, if we introduce any sensible patches to fix SystemZ builds to upstream them to reduce the maintanance burden on us in the future.
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