YaST Development April 2013

  • 17 participants
  • 10 discussions

[yast-devel] Fixing yast2-slide-show for SLE11 SP3
by Karl Eichwalder
7 years

[yast-devel] Automatical built of YaST packages
by Thomas Goettlicher
9 years, 4 months

[yast-devel] YCP-killer and YCP data files
by Ladislav Slezak
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] XML to YCP Parser less strict than YCP Parser
by Thomas Fehr
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] Making systemd and Yast collaborate well
by Cristian Rodríguez
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] YaST module for Puppet configuration
by Theo Chatzimichos
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] Obsoleted modules - code cleanup in "master" branch
by Ladislav Slezak
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] Killing YCP
by David Majda
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] problem with the yast gtk gui
by am_dxer
9 years, 5 months

[yast-devel] Managing SUSE translations in unified way
by Tomáš Chvátal
9 years, 5 months
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