>>>> "Matthew Ehle" <mehle@novell.com> 10/7/2010 9:45 AM >>>
>>>>> Freek de Kruijf <f.de.kruijf@gmail.com> 10/7/2010 5:35 AM >>>
>>On Thursday 07 October 2010 02:36:40 Matthew Ehle wrote:
>>> I ran the rebuildImages script on en, and it caught a number of problems.
>>> In any case, it seems like that problem is gone now, at least on en.  I
>>> only know of these two pages/files that had issues.  Has anyone else seen
>>> anything?
>>How about the nl wiki. We still have the issue on the Portal:Project as
>>anonymous user with two icons.
>Yes, I am still aware of the problem with Portal:Project.  What I meant is that I can't find any other >issues that haven't been fixed.
>> Every piece of caching that we have has been reset or refreshed.  I'm
>> suspecting an extension issue right now.  If additional issues show up,
>> I'll start checking this out on stage.
>This is nothing against the NL wiki, but if there is only one problem on one page in one wiki, this is >not something that is worth hours of troubleshooting.  Assuming that this the only place where the >problem is showing up, then I would be inclined to try nuking the page and/or files, then re->importing. 
>If there are problems elsewhere that can't be solved with the maintenance scripts and rebuilding the >cache, then I will be more convinced to spend time looking for what the underlying problem is, if any.
So this was definitely a problem with the wiki markup of the article.  I copied the text of that same section from the English wiki, and images appear just fine now.  It must have been a very minor syntax error, as I still cannot figure it out exactly what it was.  Probably a missing or extra space somewhere.
Sorry that the article is in English now.  Hopefully someone will be kind enough to translate it back to Dutch, or maybe revert and figure out where the wiki markup error is from the last version.