>>> Freek de Kruijf <f.de.kruijf@gmail.com> 10/4/2010 4:52 PM >>>
>The behaviour of Files (images) in the Dutch wiki is rather unpredictable.
>Sometimes using the URL http://nl.opensuse.org/Bestand:Icon-cross.png shows
>the image properly, but somewhat later it gives the message that the file does
>not exits, however its description is available.
>The same is true for just a page with images. The images are not shown. This
>lasts most of the times for one day, and the next day it is OK or just one or
>two are not shown.

A few questions:
How long have you been noticing this?
Is this just on the nl wiki, or have you seen it elsewhere?
Is the message from the wiki software, or does it appear to be an Apache error?
I can't seem to duplicate this, even when bypassing the reverse proxy.  I restarted the memcached servers just to make sure they can be ruled out (memcached often does strange things after running updates).  If you are still able to duplicate the problem, please use Firefox+Live HTTP Headers extension, and send me the results of a hard refresh on the page.