>>>> "Matthew Ehle" <mehle@novell.com> 10/5/2010 9:01 AM >>>
>It looks like other people have had this problem following wiki software upgrades.  I may need to run >a few maintenance scripts.  I'll let you know how this goes.
I must admit that this has me perplexed.  The problem that other people had was from incorrect MIME type values for their files, which was not the case here.  The same file also appears just fine in other articles on the NL wiki.  I reset caches, ran update/refresh maintenance scripts, and even re-uploaded the same file from the English wiki.  Whatever the issue is, it seems to be specific to the Portal:Project page.
>>So something must be wrong in the Mediawiki software.
Perhaps, but all of the wikis are using the exact same software, and I have never heard of this before.  It's probably a combination of a software bug and content/history in that particular page.  Perhaps we can consider nuking the page and starting it over...