>>>> Freek de Kruijf <f.de.kruijf@gmail.com> 10/7/2010 4:03 PM >>>
>On Thursday 07 October 2010 18:38:24 Matthew Ehle wrote:
>> Sorry that the article is in English now.  Hopefully someone will be kind
>> enough to translate it back to Dutch, or maybe revert and figure out where
>> the wiki markup error is from the last version.
>You are wrong, the problem is still there even now that Portal:Project/Topics
>is in English.
>You have to access this page Portal:Project/Topics or Portal:Project as an
>anonymous user before you can spot the problem. It has improved a bit, now
>only one icon is shown as 48px. I approved the page, so your English version
>is now shown, when you access this page as an anonymous user. There is no
>problem shown when logged in. As soon as you have seen this yourself, please
>send a message and I will restore the Dutch version to see what happens.

I have restored the Dutch version, and I have uploaded the version of that file from the English wiki (256x256 instead of 120x120).  I did that earlier with the image that is now showing, so I was hoping that might help.  Unfortunately, it hasn't done much, at least right now.  After reverting to the Dutch version, two out of the three images still show.
I imported the entire Dutch production wiki (database and files) down to stage, and that page shows up perfectly fine.  I have a lot of other things to take care of today, but I will try to get to this when I can.
In the meantime, you now have full rights on the Dutch wiki, so you are welcome to play around with it.  If it is a caching issue or some inconsistency, then it may just resolve itself by the time I can get to it.