recently I upgraded the Uyuni system from 2021.07 to 2022.06. Several tests were successful so I’m not sure if the current problems come from the update.


There are two issues:

1.       Since Uyuni’s update several clients don’t check in any more.
All of them are using “Push via SSH tunnel” or “Push via SSH” as contact method. Salt clients with contact method “Default” (SLES15-SP3) run fine.
Client OS is “openSUSE Leap 15.1 x86_64” or “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 x86_64”.
There is no “configuration” or scripting – the only target is to monitor the patch level and provide repositories.

2.       After a reboot of the Uyuni host I was sent an email with this content:

“Taskomatic bunch mgr-update-reporting-bunch was scheduled to run within the update-reporting-default schedule.

Subtask mgr-update-reporting failed.

For more information check null.”

(Checking “null” wasn’t successful)


Any hints are welcome!




Tobias Crefeld.