Hi list,

my customer needs following RPMs on his systems:
- oracle-instantclient12.2-basic-
- oracle-instantclient12.2-sqlplus-

Is there any (maybe hidden) form in Web UI to upload RPMs into Uyuni? Or can i upload them with scp into any special path in uyuni server's filesystem to then assign them to a channel?

In uyuni reference manual i found following information:
"To  create  a  new  channel,  click  the  Create Channel  link.  Select  the  appropriate  options  for  the  newchannel, including base architecture and GPG options, then click [Create Channel]. Note that a channel created in this manner is blank, containing no packages. You must either upload software packages or add packages from other repositories. You may also choose to include patches in your custom channel."

This makes me believe there must be a way to upload any rpm into uyuni, but i (so far) couldn't find it. I created a new (empty) software channel but only find a form to select already existing packages into that channel.

Thx, BR,