Hi List,

We have bare metal systems that have no network at boot/install time (LACP without fallback is used and we could not find any way to do PXE or DHCP at boot time).
So we decided to use Uyuni integrated cobbler to create a bootable ISO for installation:
#cobbler buildiso --distro=k8s-nodes-test:1:itmw-oss --airgapped --iso=/data/install_test_nodes_01_bios.iso --source=/var/autoinstall/SLE-15-SP2

We were able to boot from that image after switching from UEFI to legacy BIOS boot style.
Autoyast starts but throws this errors:
"could not set patterns: enhanced_base"
"These packages cannot be found in the software repositories:
autoyast2: The package is not available
autoyast2-installation: The package is not available
chrony-pool-empty: The package is not available
tuned: The package is not available"
And finally dies with: "... nothing provides /bin/sh needed by product:SLES-15.2..."

I checked content of my ISO image and think it looks good, can also find the missing rpm files there:
# find ./|grep -e chrony-pool-empty -e tuned -e bash-[0-9]

I implemented it on a test system and was also able to find the rpms autoyast is missing.

Why can't autoyast find these files? Must i reference them in my xml, in add-on section? If so, how?
How can i create a bootable iso to install with autoyast without having a network connection? 
Or is there an easy way to create a boot iso that can activate LACP and then do a network install?