A little flummoxed about this.

I’ve switched to using venv-salt-minion on clients, and it installs okay.


However, we require /tmp to have the noexec flag. Salt doesn’t like this very much.


Our previous workaround was to create a file in /etc/systemd/system/salt-minion.service.d containing




This told salt-minion to use a different tmpdir that did have the exec flag and it was happy again.


However, venv-salt-minion doesn’t read that file, because it’s a different service. I assumed I could just create /etc/systemd/system/venv-salt-minion.service.d instead, but the process is not reading this.

If I edit the system file directly and add that file it works, but I would prefer to use a drop-in file for this.

I’m not overly familiar with venv programs, and less so when combined with systemd.


Can anyone please point me the right way to do this?