Good day fellow uyuni users.
I would like to leverage the salt-api that is used by uyuni.
Currently the uyuni API does not have a method to list, accept or deny a salt-key. But the salt api does.

I would like to do something like is mentioned here:

I have inspected the salt-api that is setup on uyuni and it is currently set up to only listen on the loopback interface which is easy to change.
The next problem I have seems to be that the file based admin authentication does not match the admin account that I used to set up uyuni. I'm wondering if it is stored somewhere in the database for internal communication with the salt-api?

Is there a safe way to get/set the password without disrupting internal comms with the api?
Or is there a way to set up a second salt-api on the same box? I'm not a saltstack guru so I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction.