On 03/11/2021 16:05, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Frans de Boer <frans@fransdb.nl> [11-03-21 10:07]:

In the past it was possible to set the font and size for printing when using
the Kate editor. Nowadays I have to copy a RO template, but you can't
specify the font or it's size to be used for printing.

Current, I have the font size for the editor set at 8 pt, because that is
the size I want to print. For editing I have to increase the font (Ctrl-+)
for every document manually to make it readable at all. Is there a better
way to have the two different font sizes by default?
what desktop
what printer
how do you print hplip/cups/...

I set print font in the printer app and applications fonts within the app
or system wide display.

Since I am talking about kate, the desktop must be KDE, right?

As stated before, in de past kate let you set the font and size before every print job. That is still possible for the header/footer, but no longer for the body of the text. It now uses the font and size you selected for the editor canvas. And using 8pt on an 4K monitor, makes is very hard to read, hence I have to magnify the text for every file.

--- Frans