On 11/13/06, SheridanJ West <sheridanj.west@gmail.com> wrote:
I'd like to thank all of you who have answered posts of mine to this
mailing list (before it renamed).  For the record i was waiting 10.2
and then bang Novell did a sco like licensing deal with the evil borg

Linux does not mean 'i support microsoft with money'

So I'm moving to new distro.  Whether suse/novell consider us a hobby
user is not important but supporting microsoft is not the deal i
signed on with Suse before Novell bought it.

While i may not be supporting the ms deal if say i bought disks for
10, it's the thought that my loyalty is misplaced now.  I can do
better  and mod perl 2 excites me.

So thank you once again and goodbye.
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I have similar inclinations as you. However, you do need to be practical. Meaning if there are certain apps that require SUSE or you are used to using SUSE, then just use the OpenSUSE. But whatever you do, do not buy boxed versions. Do not suggest to anyone to buy boxed. Do not suggest or recommend the enterprise versions at all. What I have started to do is, if someone asks me for my thoughts on SUSE, I just lie and say "I have personally found that it doesn't work as well as <insert other distro here>. But your mileage may vary." You can get away with stuff like that. All network environments are  different and they all have their peciuliarities.

If there is something that is making you stick with SUSE, then just keep using but don't send any money or help in any way. Waint until you actiually see concrete detrimental effects on open source that MS may instigate. Trust me, you will find out about it if it does happen.


"*We* need to convince OpenSUSE to fork, or let 'em die. To bad, it is a wonderful Distro. But their parent company is NOT our friend."