On 2/23/21 6:12 PM, Carlos E.R. wrote:
On 23/02/2021 22.44, Doug McGarrett wrote:

System crashed during the second part of upgrade, where files were
reporting "done." Crash occurred at

966/2162 Installing shim _15 + git47-222222222.2.x86_64

Rebooted to blank (black) screen with message as follows:

                             GNU GRUB VERSION 2.04
Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB
lists possible command completion.
Anywhere else TAB lists possible device file completetions.
grub _

Is it possible to save this, and if so, how? Have left computer in this
condition awaiting answer.
Ow :-/

On another computer, download the current Tumbleweed DVD. Put it on a
DVD or and USB stick following the instructions at the wiki.

Boot that DVD or USB stick on the failed computer, and choose "upgrade

Notice: I have never tested this procedure with Tumbleweed, and it is

Another possibility.

Download a Grub rescue distribution and put in DVD or USB stick
following their instructions, and use it to try repair your GRUB.

I can not help with this from here.

Else, reinstall.

With the caveat that I'm really rusty about this . . .

It's possible to fix this in a chroot from the rescue disc.  The first thing to determine is whether the shim exists and whether Secure Boot is turned on.  If the problem is with the latter, that may mean disabling it (which will upset W$) or possibly working on MOK.  Running YaST Bootloader from within the chroot will, with luck, get grub installed.  IIRC YaST will install the shim package if it sees its necessary, but if it doesn't, that may need to be done first.  

I think the links I posted cover how to do all this. Gotta do everything exactly right.

Snapshot upgrade might be simpler.  And it might catch the bootloader installation problem it ran into?