On 2/24/21 12:01 AM, Doug McGarrett wrote:

On 2/23/21 6:12 PM, Carlos E.R. wrote:
On 23/02/2021 22.44, Doug McGarrett wrote:

System crashed during the second part of upgrade, where files were
reporting "done." Crash occurred at

966/2162 Installing shim _15 + git47-222222222.2.x86_64

Long story short:

System became completely unusable. Wound up trying to clean ssd
and repartition, then load Windows and Linux again. Found that the
crash--which occurred again with new software--is due to the
computer, not the software. However, in the course of reformatting
got message from gparted: "Invalid partition table - recursive partition
on /dev/sr0." Option provided: ignore. In the course of things, I cleaned
the entire ssd with gparted and repartitioned from scratch, including
the entire drive. Still get message. Loaded Windows, loaded latest TW.
Now do not have dual boot--Windows ignored. Possibly due to
format problem? (Windows ran before installing Linux. Second problem,
for now.)
Obviously cannot live this way--system crashed again after about 6 hours
running. Suspect overheating.
1. How can I measure cpu temperature and record it? Is there any other
likely component that would cause the crash?
2. Anyone have a fix for the invalid partition table, short of replacing the