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> > You still misunderstand my intentions. I don't want anything to be changed

> > or

 "fixed". I want to understand, why things are as they are - mostly to

> > implement my things in a better or more conformable way.

> > And using something from a script/module, that can never exist, seemed

> > senseless to me, so I tried to verify, if it is senseless or my

> > understanding

 is wrong.



> I don't understand what is going on, but let me say something I heard

> somewhere long ago.


> It was the idea that the network administrator (on an enterprise

> building, say), would install a time server, and wanted this server to

> be published via DHCP so that all machines in the building would know

> about it and sync to it.

Thx for your answer, but I have a working setup with systemd-timesyncd and a Networker dispatcher script for DHCP connections.

The following website has an example:


I observed, though, that for static interface configurations this won't work, because nm doesn't have an ntp server address for the connection. So I tried to find out, what would be the best way to configure this. During my research I came across nm and netconfig config files and tried to understand, how they are playing together, and if I could make use of any setting they provide for static interface settings.


>      An automatic Domain Time client with DHCP enabled will broadcast to

> locate a DHCP Server. Note that DHCP broadcasts usually do not cross

> routers.

AFAIK systemd-timesyncd doesn't do this.


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