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> No Win95 support for USB?

IIRC USB support was in deed added only for Win98 SE.

So you could try SMB to get files into a Win95 VM or mount the HDD image on the host.

W.r.t. the latter, this post is a couple of years old, but from quickly glancing over
it, it should still work (using qemu-nbd):



Maybe using a shared folder is simpler but I think it needs the guest addition so its a no-go.

Another option is upload the file to some site like wetransfer and download it inside the VM

I would be worried to let Win95 VM anywhere near internet.
Using SMB may also be problematic since Win95 is probably pretty insecure SMB1 implementation most likely disabled in modern SMB implementation.

If we consider doing all this complex VM dance as acceptable solution to simple task of extracting archive - then creating virtual disk smaller than 2GB with non-GPT fat16 formated partition is perhaps reliable way of transferring data in/out of win95 VM.

* One would create the disk image ising virtualBox as raw and attach it to win 95 VM. Then mount it in the windows as another disk and format it. Shutdown the VM.
* Mount the disk image in linux, copy the archive.exe to it and unmount it.
* Start the VM, unpack the archive. Shutdown VM and access the unpacked data in Linux by mounting the disk image again.

That being said, I find this needlessly complex solution to just uncompressing .exe file.

Without knowing/seeing the archive - I would first try executing it in wine.
If that is something you would like to try:
* Install wine: sudo zypper install wine
* copy the archive.exe to: .wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Downloads
* Then run: wine .wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Downloads/archive.exe
and see what happens
If that works your extracted files are likely in: .wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Downloads

If wine would not help, I would probably be looking for friend with windows to extract the files from the archive before resorting to win95 VM.

Hope that helps, one way or the other,