Dear fellow members of openSUSE community, I hereby notify you of my intent to run for openSUSE board seat, I have been a member of this community since approximately 2006, till 2009 I have been very active in the Czech openSUSE community. My career path prevented me from being as active community member as I would like to be, however that has changed in 2018 when I gained more free time and resumed an active role in the community, focusing primarily on packaging efforts.

Currently my focus is dedicated to making openSUSE the number 1 Linux platform for Haskell development, as well as to provide as much as possible support that we as software project can provide to the emerging industry of open-source hardware such as RISC-V.

With a seat duration of two years, I would like to achieve two goals beyond ordinary duties of a openSUSE board member, first goal would be to make openSUSE the number 1 platform for Haskell development, and the second would be to make RISC-V open instruction set architecture a Tier 1 platform for openSUSE project alongside x86_64 platform.

I will elaborate more on these strategic goals during Phase I which, I believe is the appropriate time to present individual vision for this project on a timescale of 2 - 5 years, in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have regarding myself, my vision, or my candidacy.
Best regards / S pozdravem,
BSc. Mark Stopka, BBA
Managing Partner (at) PERLUR Group

mobile: +420 704 373 561