Hi Jim,

On 2/26/22 00:40, Jim Henderson wrote:
On Sat, 26 Feb 2022 00:24:34 +0100, Sasi Olin wrote:

Had a question come to me regarding this:

The system used to use connect.opensuse.org, which is no longer
functional - but does the project still provide this?
It was its own system, hosted under a subpage of connect, but was moved
recently to https://tsp.opensuse.org/.

LCP [Sasi]
Thanks, Sasi - I'll let the person who asked me about it know.  We should 
probably update or remove that old page - I don't think any of the three 
of us (me, Shawn Dunn, or Alexandros Vennos) are involved in this program 
any more - but I could be wrong about Shawn and Alexandros.

I updated the page. We have been doing this but no requests have come in lately for obvious reasons, but the process still exists and Syds and I support the incoming requests.