Hi all,
Below are the note from yesterday's meeting. You can also find them at https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/weeklymeeting20211202


## Participants:
    Luna, ivo,  Emily, ddemaio, Gertjan, simon

## Topics

# Jitsi Update
Create a new setup on a new server (test instance)
Need ssh keys from heroes to put on test instance.
Test and deploy to the meet.o.o or do a DNS switch and point it to meet.opensuse.org

Maybe have the new one as meettest.oo.org and the old one as meet.oo.org for a while? And when that new one is ready for production change the DNS for both so that current becomes meettest, the new one meet.

# OSCAL and openSUSE Summit
Planned is for June
Go forward with a summit.
(action) ddemaio to send email to openSUSE Board about giving a talk for the openSUSE Summit at OSCAL
(action) figure out how to accept talks for the event.
Propose option for a streamed talk via OBS Ninja to OSCAL attendees

# OEM for putting openSUSE Leap or TW on devices
clevo-computer (no response)
Tuxedo Computers (reponded Tumbleweed would work. Leap wouldn't work because hardware is too new)
Wortmann AG (No response)

Need to contact
Dell (Barton.George at dell.com)
Lenovo (markpearson at lenovo.com)
Starlabs - https://support.starlabs.systems/kb/compatibility-reports

#Leap 15.4
Create lesson plans that teachers can use to teach a Technology Class about Linux using openSUSE.  (Can use help)
List a series of lesson plans and Catorgizing the lesson plan based grades (primary and secondary).
Could write in markdown and post to github. Printable pdf can also be useful. The structure should share some similarity to this template - https://www.class-templates.com/support-files/lpt_word_001-printable_lesson_plan_template.pdf

    0. Benefits of open-source-software

    1. Installing openSUSE

    2. Basic use / Advanced (show with tools)

    3. LibreOffice (office suite)

    4. Imagining (Simon)

    5. Setting up a printer, scan

    6. Setup wifi

    7. How to install software

    8. Browers (addons/extentions)

    9. Gaming (gcompris)

    10. Using the terminal

    11. Graphic design (Simon), animation

    12. Video editing

    13. Programming Tools

    14. How to report a software bug

    15. Get started with openSUSE on a Raspberry Pi

Start focusing on next release
Come up with plan to target educational insitutions

    Make promotional material with following points: (send flyers to schools)

    Independence from big software companies

    easy adminsitration

    free for students (no need to renew licences. Use openSUSE. Look at messages around this.)

    Security and maintenance

    Easy to teach the understanding of the tech

    Multiple Applications

    IT Classes teaching Linux in Action

    Contact Linux User Groups for support

    Come up with points for education to be placed on the website

    Encourage users to provide a lesson.