Hey Doug, 

great and thx to Adrien and you for offering 2 time slots. I am going to help and join the 2 meetings. At least one of  them:) 

See you on Saturday!


On Thu 22. Jul 2021 at 11:30 PM, ddemaio <ddemaio@suse.de> wrote:
Hi all,
I wanted to send out an email before our regular scheduled meeting this
Saturday. There are two meetings planned for this Saturday. Adrien has
kindly offered to run a meeting at 11:00 UTC and the other meeting will
take place at 17:00 UTC according to the results we had from the survey.
I will attend the 17:00 meeting and have a proposal I will present to
attendees regarding software.o.o. I saw the discussion from last week
and don't want to veer away from the time we promised to do a meeting
based on the survey. Adrien and I plan to chat about the two meetings
and going forward over a couple weeks we can determine if we need
something different or want to make it during the middle of the week or
find some sort of rotating time.

Meeting Details

Date: Saturday, July 24
Time: Meeting 1 at 11:00 UTC. Meeting 2 at 17:00 UTC (per the survey)
Location: https://meet.opensuse.org/meeting
Etherpad: https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/weeklymeeting20210724
Moderator: Meeting 1 is Adrien. Meeting 2 is Doug
Leader: Meeting 1 is Adrien. Meeting 2 is Doug
Supporters: attendees
Topic: (Default Topic is completely a social meeting)

A copy of meeting notes will be sent to opensuse-project@opensuse.org
after the end of the meeting.